Our History

In 1915, our founder and great-grandfather, Andy Raust, established himself as a master craftsman who worked diligently to produce beautiful engravings and designs. As his reputation and business grew, he hired an apprentice - Bill McConnell - whose hard work and ethics soon earned the trust of Andy’s clients and won the heart of Andy’s daughter.

At the end of WWII, Bill opened his first retail jewelry store in the Syndicate Building in Oakland. The business flourished and as Bill Jr. began working with his dad and grandfather, word of mouth continued to spread about William McConnell & Son, The King’s Jewelers.

In 1975, Bill Jr. began the next chapter of The King’s Jewelers when he opened our second store in Walnut Creek. This new location proved so successful that Bill Sr. closed the store in Oakland with plans to retire, but soon he found himself assisting Bill Jr. in Walnut Creek because he loved the jewelry and his clients so much.

The fourth generation of McConnell’s - Dave, Cathy and Craig McConnell - took the reins and moved The King's Jewelers to its current location in 2009.  Currently, you'll find Dave, his wife Laura, and even glimpses of the fifth generation proudly continuing the traditions.

Jewelry styles change with time, but the trust and integrity of our family will remain the same as it was in 1915.

Our Affiliations

We are longstanding members of:
American Gem Society (AGS) California Jewelers Association Jewelers Vigilance Committee Jewelers of America Gemological Institute of America Alumni Association
We are an AGS Store!
American Gem Society Member

Our Travels



Our travels to Israel provide us the opportunity to find diamonds that meet our stringent requirements and also afford our clients the chance to put in special requests for us to become their personal shoppers and expand our search for their perfect diamond.  So whether you want a sparkling round brilliant diamond, a uniquely colored diamond or an unusually shaped diamond, we will comb the world to satisfy your diamond craving.

Israel - Diamonds

So often jewelers talk about traveling to buy the best and brightest diamonds at the lowest prices, yet it's not that easy.  To get into the truly wholesale places like the Diamond Bourse in Israel requires that you meet specific criteria, and once inside, you need to know who to visit.  We've done the work and have built the relationships.  We get the unique opportunity to sort through thousands of diamonds, worth millions of dollars, choosing only the best.


Africa - Zebras

Jewelry industry insiders say we have one of the best selections of colored gemstones in northern California! We travel to east Africa and work directly with the local miners to find brilliantly colored gemstones dug out from the very same soil on which these hard working people live and raise their families. 

Africa - Gemstones

We have established personal relationships with these miners who have given our clients so much joy with their beautiful gemstones and have a real passion to support them and their families with “Joyful Gems”. A portion of each purchase of a “Joyful Gems” item will go directly towards helping the miner’s families with school supplies and other necessities to help enrich their lives.

Joyful Gems

"I love gemstones! Don’t you love gemstones?” This wonderful quote from our East African friend Okeno sums up our feelings about colored gemstones and the amazing journey a gemstone takes from being discovered far underneath the earth to mounted in a ring halfway across the world. Our president Dave McConnell appears in, and is an associate producer of the award-winning documentary “Sharing the Rough” which brings this epic journey to life on film.

Okeno and Dave
Sharing the Rough Poster For more information on "Sharing the Rough" please visit sharingtherough.com.