Custom Design
CAD Progression

Create a piece of jewelry from scratch? Absolutely!  We enjoy helping clients take their ideas to reality. It starts with a trip to our jewelry playground, a simple sketch or using our latest CAD design software - Countersketch. Once you are satisfied with your design, we render a digital image or even create a wax to enable you to hold and experience your design firsthand. The finished product is uniquely yours!

One gem...many options...
Garnet 1
Garnet 2
Garnet 3
Garnet 4
Garnet 5
Peridot 1
Peridot 2
Peridot 3
Peridot 4
Peridot 5
Rubellite 1
Rubellite 2
Rubellite 3
Rubellite 4
Rubellite 5