Jewelry Repairs

The King's Jewelers provides our expertise and experience to evaluate the repairs your jewelry may require and will give you recommendations as well as an estimate for work needing to be done.  Our excellent, trusted goldsmiths will care for your heirlooms as if they were their own.

Wish List

Our Wish List is a wonderful way for you to tell your loved ones what you want while still letting them have the opportunity to surprise you. When you find items you'd love to own, we will simply add them to your King's Jewelers wish list.  Your loved ones can then view the items you selected and choose a wonderful surprise that you are sure to love!


At The King's Jewelers, we understand that your jewelry is valuable to you for its personal and its intrinsic worth. When it is entrusted to us for appraisal, it remains on our premises and is personally evaluated by our Graduate Gemologist. Our appraisals meet the guidelines set by Jewelers of America, Inc. The appraisals are printed on high quality appraisal forms and signed. A copy is included with the original and is also signed and sealed.

An appraisal is an opinion – backed and supported by training, equipment and experience – of the authenticity, quality, design and value of a piece of property. Since it is an opinion, honest variations may occur between competent appraisers.

Most people commonly believe that the declared price is the most important aspect of an appraisal. This is not true. Actually, the part of an appraisal that protects you the most is a detailed description of the jewelry. What should be in the description of your jewelry item?
1.Identification of all major gemstones with a quality description including cut, carat weight, clarity (internal inclusions) and color.
2.Types of metal used and any karatage or trademark stamps.
3.The estimated replacement value

There are generally two types of appraisals – the most common is an insurance replacement appraisal. The insurance replacement value should give you the cost of replacing the jewelry item as closely as possible to the original. To ensure you will receive an equivalent replacement, all details of the item are very important, not just the price. Your insurance replacement appraisal should “fingerprint” your jewelry. Estate evaluation is based on what the items could be sold for at the time of the evaluation but does not constitute an offer to purchase the items.

Charges are on a per-piece basis. Since charging on the value per piece basis could affect an appraiser’s judgment, we prefer to work strictly on a per-piece basis.

Appraisal Pricing at The King’s Jewelers:
New Appraisals - $150 for the first piece and $95 for each additional item
Updates on a 1999 or older WMS appraisal- $95.00/hr.
Updates on a post 2000 WMS appraisal – No Charge
Updates on a non-WMS appraisal - $150 for the first piece and $95 for each additional item
Digital Pictures and Gem Identification are available. See store for details.

Jewelry Care & Cleaning

One of the questions we are often asked is, "How do I clean my jewelry?" Proper cleaning and general care are important to ensure that your precious possessions last as long as they should and look as beautiful as they did when you made your purchase. The King's Jewelers offers free jewelry cleaning and inspection, however the following are a few basic guidelines and tips for the cleaning and care of your jewelry at home:

General Care and Cleaning
Colored Gemstones
Gold Jewelry